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Limited Edition Uttermost Mirrors and more

Since our first steps Ecoepoque is open to work with young and promising designer. We like to use new materials, new tools and techniques.

For this reason we decided to create an exclusive and high end design products from Italian young designers.

We worked with them from the concept idea, through the choice of materials and techniques, to the prototyping phase. From their side designers contributed with passion, ideas and proposals that are unique and unseen so far.

All these products, like our uttermost mirrors, are for those who look for a unique piece of italian luxury design.

If you are looking for luxury interior desig, go to our Shop!

For those who look unique items

This collection “Limited Edition” deal for design lovers who look for¬†unconventional objects. Our policy is to make no more than 50 of these products.

Artisanal touch and the use of the finest eco-sustainable materials make our products very exclusive. Here is what you can find in this product category:

  1. Uttermost mirrors of large size, made of a special “eco” aluminium, brushed and with very nice light effects. Directly on aluminium we printed with digital technology proprietary designs;
  2. Original and creative wall decor (like Rosone wall clock) that comes back to made in Italy tradition;
  3. One and only lamp (Glimmers), very much appreciated in our first exhibitions that can adapt perfectly to light and environment;
  4. A line of complements in Alucobond made only through engraving and bending, with no waste materials.

Originality and elegance are the features of this collection made according to our brand values: craftsmanship, innovation and environmental sustainability.

We are very gratefull to all designer who worked with us in this fascinating project!


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